Sonntag, 29. November 2015

Photography project: Creative

I think I promised earlier that I would publish some of the results from my photography course. It is a college AS-Level course with the project 'The world around me', focused on a self-chosen interest. I chose Portraits and Travel, since people are a big part of my environment of course and so are different landscapes and cities in England, especially because of the exchange. This creative work is a part from my portrait project and the photos have been mainly edited with Photoshop.

The pictures above show Ajay from school and I met him last Wednesday with the aim of taking these frame pictures. We went to a park close to the college and we tried different backgrounds and locations. He was a good support, since he suggested different ideas, I would not have had. It was slightly raining, which made the whole shoot a little more difficult and I was the only one on the train carrying a camerabag, a tripod, an umbrella and a big golden frame (I really wish I had four arms sometimes). I am really satisfied with our results.

The picture below is a bit older and shows myself, when I tried the first pictures of that kind in the backyard.  It's not the very best editing, but at least the very first and I think not too bad. I am really obsessed with levitation pictures, so it's likely that I will load up some more throughout the next time.

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